Year 4 look at the digestive system!

This week  Year 4 have stated to study the digestive system. As part of their studies they had to recreate it in groups using a banana and chocolate spread sandwich, cutlery, water, vinegar, a bowl, a plastic wallet, and some tights .
To begin they made the chocolate and banana spread sandwich which then they chopped up into small pieces, like our front teeth do (the incisors). Then then got their hands really messy by shoved them into the sandwich and squashing it and mixed it up with some water which represented the molars (the teeth at back in your mouth)and the water represented saliva made in the mouth.
Next, into the plastic wallet it went were they had to squish it while vinegar got poured in! This was to show the stomach mixing everything together like a cement mixer and the vinegar was the stomach acid which helps to break food down into nutrients for the body.  
After they had mixed the food and vinegar up they poured the mixture in some tights which acted as the intestines.The intestines are were nutrients and water are taken into the body to be used. To show all the nutrients and water being taken out of the mixture by the body they squeezed the tights over a bowl.
Once all the water was squeezed out the mixture became more solid and they cut the bottom of the tights and squeezed out the mixture onto a plate. This acted as the rectum and the faeces passing out of the body. They had a brilliant time recreating the digestive system and some of them said it was the best science lesson ever! They are already enjoying this topic and I hope that will carry on!
Take a look at the pictures and see what a great time they had!
By Alex

Year 1’s amazing trip to Skipton Castle

Scorching sun poured through the clear window casting shadows on the cream wall, Year 1 were already at school!  Packing into the small, tight and full bus they set off for a huge adventure to a ancient castle. Ready for what came their way a rose-red smile spreed across every face.HOLT! They came to a stop after miles of boring travelling they had finally arrived for a fantastic day out. Are you wondering why they were at Skipton Castle? Its easy, they have been learning all about knights!

They all had a fantastic morning tour around the castle. They are such lucky people going on a wonderful trip like this they even got to see this massive fire which is how they cooked food and a very important tree left standing for more than 300 years! Yes you did read correctly – 300 years. They learnt lots and lots of new thing whilst on their trip.

Like hungry beasts they clambered to the dinner hall, ready to take bites out of their sandwiches. After lunch, they did some great drawings of different things they saw around the castle grounds and the castle itself, we have some brilliant artists in this year and I am excited to get a glimpse of the art! After all this fun packed adventure all they could think about was sleeping. Exhausted, they got on the purple and white bus once more before they were home. Blake was so tired he could not help drifting off. They had a lovely time and are already looking forward to the next adventure.

By Emily Mae

Reception visit the Rainbow Factory

On Tuesday the 25th of April, Reception visited the Rainbow Factory in Farsley. This was their first ever trip and it was extremely exciting, they thought it was so magical and couldn’t wait to explore. Firstly, they went to go see Jack and the Beanstalk , which was performed by some of the creative staff members, the children thought it was so wonderful and wanted to watch it again. During the exciting act the children also helped out in the story telling which was incredibly fun for them. Afterwards, they went for a Fairy Adventure stroll in the magical woods. In the magical woods they played a game where they had to throw the large berries into the giants mouth. However, if they missed they had to go to jail. They also made a song about the greedy giant using their own wacky ideas from the play of Jack and the Beanstalk. At the end they performed their brilliant songs to the audience.Reception used their amazing phonics skills to describe what was in Jack’s pocket and the Giant’s pockets. Finally they did some ARRRRTTT (Miss Gardener’s way of being a Reception child again) and used their creative minds.

Reception had a wonderful time thanks to the Blakehill staff members, the parents helpers and the staff at the Rainbow Factory. They really want to go again.

By Brooke and Emily

1P Assembly

Today, we watched 1P’s class assembly. They acted the myth of George and the Dragon! In their assembly, they told us how the dragon ate one of the ladies every day! At one point, there was only the king’s daughter left! If there was no-one brave enough to slay this beast then the king’ s daughter would be killed! So when an old man told George, a Roman Solider, this, he was determined to save the king’s daughter. He found the dragon and speared him in one of the parts where there were no scales! He slayed him and saved the the king’s daughter! They also spoke about their trip to Skipton Castle and showed a power-point of some of the fantastic photos that were taken. It was a great assembly performed by some fantastic actors and actresses!
By Adam

Year 4 Nell Bank Residential

Fantastic, thought Mr Lowe as the bus pulled up just in time. Today, Mr Lowe’s favourite days of the year was finally here, Year 4 were about to take a step into the interesting wild; where butterfly fluttered and mint green plants sprouted to the mask. Loading on the bus ,like their bags, they waved and smiled to their loving parents.After a short time,’SCREECH’ went  the bus, they had arrived!

Already nervous, they met Ruth and Mel, who were extremely nice to then they quickly went  through the rules so they could get to the fun! Once they had dropped their bags off at the cosy dorms, they went off to do a fire drill with the leaders. Finally prepared for their stay ahead, they split off into groups and went to the ponds to do pond dipping and down to the fields to do an interesting mini beast hunt! Hungry and tired out after their eventful day, they still found some energy in them and went off to play on the Adventure area before tea.

After tea, they went back on the play area and even got to have a game of cricket on the field. Worn out and feeling cold and fulfilled, everybody went to sip on a hot chocolate before bed. “mmm” Unfortunately, the first night was a little rocky sleep wise as their minds were full of thoughts of the next day.

After breakfast, everyone got ready for the moor walk. From Nell Bank up to Ilkley Moor, they explored the countryside to the Cow and calf and then back up to Nell Bank. It was 7 and a half miles in total! Wow! They’re definitely ready for Ingelbrough Hall, where they walk 9 miles! They had lunch up on the moor – Madinah’s sandwich was stolen by a dog! When they had returned and had a rest, they did the habitat trail around the site. The adventure play and water play was taken over by the crowds of children! Alas, it was time for tea and a shower before cosy bedtime – they all went to sleep much quieter this time from the tiring walk!

The last day! Everybody packed their cases and left the dorms neatly before breakfast. Afterwards, they did orienteering and exciting den building! (Mr Lowe’s group built the best!) This was when they waved goodbye and hopped back on the coach on their way back to school. Everybody had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new skills. When they were back at school, they were very excited to see their parents and trundled home to their warm beds and back to normal routine!

Mckensey and Emily Mae

Year 5 & 6 Netball Festival

On Wednesday, the talented year 5 Netball Team went to a festival at Woodhouse Grove. They had lots of training over the past few weeks with Miss Dobson and the year 6 Netball Team and have come very far. They started off a bit rocky, but eventually became confident and an unstoppable group as they began to win all of their games! Ben in 5H was a scoring machine! – quoted Mrs Russell. Fortunately, this meant that they would go to the finals! Winning the rest of their games, the last goal was scored in the final 20 seconds! The final results were Blakehill second and Cavendish first place. Well done year 5 for representing Blakehill very well!

Then on Thursday the year six team went to Hanson for a third time! They were fortunate as one of the teams didn’t turn up which meant they got a 3-0 win! On their first game, they won 6-0 due to their shooting practise! Next, they went on to play Cavendish! The score was 2-1 to Blakehill! Finally, we played Thackley! The score was 5-1 to Thackley which meant that Blakehill came 6th out of 14 schools! We are all very proud of you!#welldoneblakehill

By Emily and Adam

Countdown to SATs for Year 6!

It’s almost SATs week for Year 6 but don’t worry! They have all been given a booklet containing: SPaG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar), an arithmetic paper and reasoning questions to help them prepare, try and have a go at everything in the pack to help your brain ticking over before the big event. And if you would like further help to revise at home don’t worry because help is here! Below you can find links to some familiar websites that can also help you:

Don’t forget to try and relax and rest up, we want you all refreshed and ready to go. Enjoy your half term!

By Adam

KS2 Football Tournament

This afternoon 16 children from Years 3 to 6 travelled to Swain House Primary School to take part in the Bradford East One Football Tournament hosted by Sports UK. It was a fantastic afternoon of sports with a number of School teams taking part from the local area. The games were played over 3 pitches for Years 5 and 6 and 3 more pitches for Years 3 and 4 – both Blakehill teams playing on the pitch 2s.

The Year 3 and 4 (consisting of James, Archie, Ashton, Jake, Lucas, Molly , Ellis and Ben) had fantastic afternoon winner in every game that they played, the results were:
And after winning in the final too they ended up coming away as overall winners of pitch 2.
One individual stood out from the crowd and was noticed by the referees and the Sports UK staff for their fantastic contribution, skill, sportsmanship and team spirit it was Molly from Year 4! She receive the girl player of the tournament award and should feel very proud of herself for her achievements.

Years 5 and 6 had a bit of a trickier start to tournament. Their teams was made up of Billy (the next Joe Hart), Joel, Steven, Joe, Aaron, Jake, Ben and Hayden. They drew their first 3 games before clenching a win to take them to the final and what a final it was! Blakehill to and early 1-0 lead but in the final moments of the game Thorpe Primary scored an equalizer that took the game to penalties! It was tense as we started we were neck and neck…
It went to sudden death and after two extremely tense penalties and fantastic save by Billy Blakehill took the win.

Well done to all the children and schools that took part and a massive well done to the children of Blakehill for player so well as a team and working hard to do their best.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the teams in action.

5R fantastic assembly!

After months of waiting, finally the time ticked. Diving in,not been able to control there excitement,people sat eagley waiting.It began! A mighty war began between two city states Sparta and Athens. Cruelly and deftly Athens were stabbed,then it was paused two people were watching television. Two narrators walked calmly on and spoke words of wisdom. Next up, was fashion with our great designer two beautiful models walked down our catwalk but in togas!Pause!

Then the music for bargain hunt blasted out! There was the vase seller he kept on saying vasssssssse, which made the crowed bubble with laughter faces went ruby red and people cheered aloud. We all had a good giggle.The two children were now freaking out. ” WHY IS EVERYTHING GREEK!” they shrieked they had one hope sky sports. There stood mighty Apollo he had a right corker Jeff our reporter ( Subban) even missed another reporter a pretty one too. Majestically a javelin flew through the sky and hit msomeone everyone had a laugh.


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Year 3 positive life centre trip!

Yesterday, Thursday 30th March, Year 3 went to the Positive Life Centre at Bradford city. They were kindly given a trip around the Bradford City Stadium as part of their visit and they were even allowed to shout “COME ON CITY!” while they were there. They shouted so loud that the owner of the club heard them and came out to see them! They then took part in a workshop in a classroom at the One In a Million free school. They found out that people like different things and that its ok to be interested in different things. They also tasted different foods from different counties. Everyone said that the food tasted lovely and they didn’t mind it being from different places. One of the Year 3’s said “it was an excellent trip, the best and I loved it!

By Alex