2P Class Assembly

This afternoon, 2P performed their assembly for Blakehill and thier parents. It was a wonderful assembly about a book they have been looking at over the term called Orion and The Dark. It is about a little boy called Orion, who is scared of many things, and his up-most fear is the dark. One day, the Dark comes down from the sky when he is about to go to bed and scares Orion a little bit. However, the Dark helps him come over his fear by showing him that there is no monster under the bed, nothing in the wardrobe and nothing outside his door to get him. Everything was ok and there was no need to be scared. In the end, Orion was no longer scared of the dark and was happy again. There was brilliant acting and a very funny Granny who Orion was scared of! Also, there was alot of brilliant writing from Year 2 to Orion to tell him everything was ok. Overall, it was a fantastic assembly and everyone loved it.