Luke Carson talks to Year 5

On Thursday (9th of March 2017) Luke Carson, the amazing and responsible police officer, came into teach year 5 all about online bulling, which is a very devastating thing that happens all around the world. Sometimes people can be so unhappy that they commit suicide, which is never the answer.  If you feel like you are been bullied then speak out you never are alone! If you feel you can not talk to your parents then talk to your teacher or your friends.

First, as a table, we combined our brains to complete a hard puzzle.We had to wisely join the crime names to what they were and also to how long they would go to jail for. Though as it is, we all managed to complete the challenge. Next we watched a very emotional video off a poor, young,rejected and lonely boy who, every time a horrible thing popped up on the scream of his new phone (like a message saying you’re ugly), got hurt on the inside and outside. This was to show us how bad it can damage feelings inside. Sadly, this affects many people. We also found out that the majority of online bullies are actually girls but that’s not to see that boys don’t do it too.
If you have ever sent one of these nasty messages or are thinking about it then STOP and think how you would feel if someone consistently was sending horrid messages to you.

We thank the great officer Luke Carson for coming in to show us why we should not bully and for telling us what do if we feel we (or our friends) are being bullied online. And remember if you see something we don’t like on a device TURN OFF AND TELL!

Bye Emily Mae 🙂

Mid Term School Reports

Today the mid term reports got sent out to parents, carers and guardians. These reports tell you about your child and their progress so far in this school year. These reports tell you about the following subjects: Reading, GPS (ks2), Phonics (ks1),maths and writing. They also let you know how well your child is behaving in these subjects. Finally, they tell you the child’s attendance so far for the year.

Make sure you’ve given your parents you’re report and we hope that they are all very positive!

by Alex and Adam


Jupiter non-uniform day!

Today (Friday 3rd March) the children who belong to the Jupiter house had a non-uniform day in recognition and celebration of them winning the most house points last half term! Children could come dressed in something yellow (their house colour). Just to remind you, you can be awarded house points for:

Wearing the correct uniform

Being nice at playtime’s and lunch times

Contributing in Class

Good behaviour

Following school rules

Work completed to a high standard

Well done Jupiter!

By Emily

Drop it and Read!

Throughout the week in school, we have been surprised at different times by a song on the telecom system which is called ‘Don’t Read Like a Robot!’ Whenever it came on, you had to drop what you were doing and start reading! Mrs Russell came around with an iPad to take a photo of us all reading! All children and staff read their own books during drop it and read for 10 minutes just for enjoyment. The song could play at any time in the day so we had to be ready!

By Adam 🙂

School Pyjama Disco

This week, on Wednesday 15th, we had our Pyjama Disco. It was amazing to see how many children came to have fun and dance to the amazing songs that the DJ had put on to listen to. Many children came to dance and sing along but they also ate the yummy food the PTFA provided for the disco. We would also like to thank the wonderful parents that also took part in the disco by selling the food. We had two parts in the disco, one was KS1 and the other KS2. Both discos were in the same place but they were at different times to make sure it wasn’t too busy. Many children were very tired after all of the dancing and singing along to music and their bellies were full after the hot dogs and sweets they could buy.

Thank you for everyone who took part and helped out! We hope you enjoyed the disco and can’t wait for the next one!


Google Expeditions!

On Wednesday, we had a special guest come to visit the children of Blakehill. She was a woman from Google! That’s right the people who run the famous search engine and tonnes of other things! She came in and took us on an expeditions all over the world and even beyond it using the magic of virtual reality!

At the start of the day Mrs Keighley did a whole school assembly while the staff were busy in the computer suite going on their very own expedition to learn how it all worked! In Year 6, we went through a rainforest looking at all the exciting creatures that can be found there! In Year 5, they took a trip to space and looked at Earth from the moon and also got to have a look at just how it might look in a few years time! In Year 4, they went on an Ocean Safari tour looking at loads of different animals such as whales, dolphins, turtles and even SHARKS! Year 3 went to Ancient Egypt! They saw a Pyramids and they saw a Sphinx(a pyramid guard)! The Year 1 and 2 pupils took a look at Roald Dahl’s life, such as where he lived, where he went to school and where he worked!

All of this was done through the use of  Virtual Reality. That’s were you wear a headset and look at a 360° picture that has been taken (you look from where the camera was) and it looked as if you were actually there! Everyone absolutely loved it and would love to do it again! Thank you to Google and Mr Lowe for organising the day!

By Adam

Safer Internet Day 2017

On Tuesday it was the national  Safer Internet Day! Mr Lowe and the Digital Leaders started the day of with a morning assembly all about E-safety. It is all about sharing images online and also talked about sharing other pieces of personal information such as; where you live, your age and full name. They spoke about making sure you get permission from friends to post pictures of you and them and to make sure your pictures don’t give too much information away about yourself.
Through the week and the next few weeks a policeman (Luke Carson) will be coming into KS2 classes and talking to us about being safe and smart on the internet. He also did a quiz on our internet safety  knowledge.
On Wednesday, Mr Lowe finished the day off with another assembly, this one was all about our digital footprints and how they can effect the rest of your life. Did you know that any information you put online or someone else puts online about you can make your digital footprint even bigger?. And did you know that when you are older people offering you jobs can look at your digital footprint to see if you are being positive or negative online.

Remember stay safe on the internet and NOT to give PERSONAL info away!

By Alex





Penalty Shootout Reminder

This is a reminder about the penalty shootout on Wednesday. Please make sure your sponsor forms are in school by Wednesday. If you can raise up to £3, you can get a Bradford City medal. If you can get £20, you can get a Bradford City football and if you raise the most money in the whole school, you will get a SIGNED Bradford city football and still, if you raise more than £20, you will still receive all of the prizes! Also, if you forget to bring back your sponsor form don’t worry, you will still be able to take one penalty against Billy Bantam, their clubs mascot! If you bring the sponsor form back, you get FOUR penalties!

By Adam

Picture competition

In Key Stage One playground, there is a white washed wall, it has been like this since the start of the year… So what do we do? We held a picture competition! Blakehill held a fun, creative and awesome picture contest to design a mural to go on the wall. The winner gets to have their picture painted on the white wall. So the creative children of Blakehill  got to work creating a worthy picture to win the contest. It was a hard task thinking of an amazing ideas that  would blow away the crowd.  Some people put their artistic skills to the test to see whether they can do this and they sure did!

At home everyone worked till their  hand was going to fall off! Time ticked by and it came to Monday morning assembly. Everyone waited in their seats  for the winner to be announced then just as it was about to end we all heard the news we were waiting for…

The runners up…


Emily Mae (me)

And the winner was Liam in year two!

Well done for all your fantastic entries it was very difficult to decide!

By Emily Mae