New Years Resolutions!

Have you  set yourself a New Years Resolution? If not  you could just set one now! If you If you are struggling to come up with one here are a few suggestions and some of the ones the bloggers have made.

Brooke mention: I am going to cut down on chocolate! I think she will really struggle as it’s very hard.

Emily said: She will stop biting my nails. Good luck Emily!

Mr Lowe said: He will try be a bit healthy. Well that will be easy as he is always eating a apple.

If you haven’t decided what your could be maybe think about school. Could you try harder to work with other? Be kinder to others? Work harder in lessons? Try something new? What every you do I hope it goes well.

by Emily-Mae

Wishing you a great 2017

PE Kits

Since it is a new year we would like to  take this opportunity  to remind you all  to bring in the  correct PE kit and make sure that your trainers and pumps all fit correctly, if you don’t remember here is a little reminder.


  • White top
  • Navy/Black PE shorts
  • Pumps


  • Trainers
  • Jackets/Hoodie (Black/Navy)
  • White top (Same as indoor)
  • Jogging pants (Black/Navy)

Also we would like to inform you about what Year 4 have to wear for their swimming lessons on a Thursday. You will need a pump bag, a towel and a swimming costume.

By Brooke & Emily

Blogging Rules

On our blog, we have certain rules that you need to follow. The rules are to keep the you all safe whilst on the blog, which is a place to inform you about what goes on in our school.

The rules are:

1: Only use your first names when commenting.

2: Never post any personal information such as your full name, any of your phone numbers, email address or your home address.

3:Tell your parents or teachers if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

4:Don’t post comments  that could be harmful in any way. Always be respectful of others work and be positive if you are commenting.

5:Don’t make arrangements to meet anyone over the internet. You don’t know how old they are or who they are! They could be anyone!

6:Write and comment on the blog in full sentences, no text talk.

Follows these rules and help to make our Blog and the internet a better place!

By Adam

KS2 Christingle services at St Cuthbert Church

This week, Key Stage 2 went to St Cubthert Church and to host a Christingle Service for family and friends. On Wednesday 14th, year 5 and 6 went to the Christingle Service accompanied by the Blakehill choir. This was very educational as it told the story of Jesus’ birth. They read many parts,during this they also sang many songs. One song they sang was, We Three Kings (this was only for the choir)three girls played a role in the song by singing solo’s. The brave girls sang amazing; Macey sang Myrrh, Emily -Mae sang Frankincense and Brooke sang Gold They sounded like angels. Everyone did very well and should be extremely proud of themselves.

Year 3 and 4 also went but on Thursday 15th. They were also accompanied by the beautiful choir. Their Christingle  Service was different from Year 5 and 6  as children from Year 3 played the parts of the people and animals that were involved in the story of Jesus’ birth. Year 4 read out the story while some young children carried the Christingle. Holly (in year 3) played Mary and was followed by Lucas who played Joseph. They all did a wonderful job of being the story to life through songs, poems, readings and acting. there were lots of  happy parents who had big smile on their faces.

Thank you to Mrs Marsden and Mrs Bedell for their hard work putting the Christingle Service together and all the other staff that helped out on both days.

We hope this footage puts a smile on your face. Merry Christmas everyone : ) .

By Emily- Mae and Brooke

Blakehill Christmas Lunch!

On Monday the 12th of December Blakehill had their Christmas lunch. The dinner ladies  were very busy with the amount of children that had it. To make the atmosphere more like Christmas we had some Christmas songs on and festive tablecloths on the tables. The kitchen staff even had their Christmas jumpers on like all the children. The dinner consisted of: of course the turkey, some sausages, some mash potato and some potatoes, peas and of course the Brussel sprouts (YUCK!). For those who couldn’t eat this their was vegetarian quiche.  Then for pudding there was a choice of chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce or some festive ice cream that was a snowman. We all enjoyed the Christmas lunch and we hope it will continue to be the same every year! Thank you very much to all the kitchen staff and the playtime supervisors for their hard work in making it so special!

PTFA Christmas Parent Shop

On Tuesday and Thursday, all of the children at Blakehill had the chance to visit the PTFA Christmas shop! This is where you can buy gifts for your family! There were mugs(with small toys in), notebooks all in different colours, some pairs of socks and even some  gifts of hand cream! They were £2 each and they all looked amazing in their wrapping paper! They were all bought, wrapped and sold by the PTFA. Thank you to Mrs Williams who gave up a lot of her own time to come in and make the Christmas shop such as success! By the end of the 2 days they had sold out of a number of the items and they made a lot of money for our school! All of the money that is made helps fund all of the trips like Robinwood and Ingleborough, the children wouldn’t be able to go on them without the PTFAs help! Thank you very much to everyone for their help.

By Adam

Year 5 and 6 Cinema Trip

On Friday, Year 5 and 6 went to watch ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’ as a Christmas treat. They all loved it and said  it was very good. The film is all about a man called Newt  who travels to New York City from England. He had a case full of magical beasts with magical powers! In New York, they didn’t allow any magical beasts or even a wand without a license but Newt had many! The film was about two and a half hours long. The story was based around a book from Harry Potter and was written by the same author J. K Rowling. From talking to Year 5 and 6 they have decided to give it a massive 9/10! If you get the chance go and watch this magical movie!

By Adam


Blakehill Choir go to Bradford University

This week on Wednesday and Thursday the amazing Blakehill choir went to the Bradford University to sing a number of traditional Christmas carols. We had four fantastic soloist Brooke, Emily Mae, Macey and Kaitlin.  They sang like angels from the sky. The song they sang was We Three Kings. It took alot of practise for them and it was all worth it.

We went to the University because we wanted to sing for the hard working people who had graduated. The spectacular choir got such an amazing reaction one kind man, who graduated, came up to the Blakehill choir to thank them for their wonderful singing. Kaylen, in year 4, took a picture with this gentleman wearing his graduation cap to thank the man for the wonderful comments. Between the events the choir were given snacks by Pria’s mum. We had a fantastic time and will hopefully be back next year.

We hope you enjoy this footage.

By Brooke and Emily Mae

Christmas Decorations

This week in Blakehill we have been getting in the Christmas spirit by making Christmas decorations! In class, we have been creating hoops to hang up in the corridors from the cieling to show off our creations to the school. We are very proud of them! As you walk through the corridors you will see our tinsel-decorated hoops above you which hold a range of robins, christmas trees, rudolphs, stars and snowflakes. They look very pretty and perfect for the holidays, we hope you agree! With the hoops being up, it’s now the official countdown to Christmas! Happy Holidays!