Reception Zoo Lab Visit 2017

On Wednesday, Reception had a very special visitor named Sophie, who was a ranger, and she brought in five animals for the children to have a look at and see what they felt like, moved like and acted like. It was very exciting and she had a lot of facts up her sleeves, telling them all about the animals she had brought in and how the equator was very hot and what countries and animals lived near it: also she talked about how the rainforest was a really warm, humid place that was next to the equator (the invisible line that runs all the way around the world). Another good fact, all the animals could be found in the rainforest!

The exotic animals that Sophie brought in included a huge python that the children got to hold (a snake!), there was a long 25 centimetre millipede which had 240 legs, tickling you as it walked across your hand; also there was a rat, ewww!; a huge cockroach, which did you know if you cut off its head it would still live for a month after (all the children went errrr!) and a giant snail, that has over 10,000 teeth but across the bottom of its body and has two types of slime – one of which is used for sticking and the other for sliding!

Miss Gardner even held a python: the children loved their visit from the Zoo Lab and have enjoyed learning lots of interesting facts about their exotic animal friends!

By Mckensey