KS2 Christingle services at St Cuthbert Church

This week, Key Stage 2 went to St Cubthert Church and to host a Christingle Service for family and friends. On Wednesday 14th, year 5 and 6 went to the Christingle Service accompanied by the Blakehill choir. This was very educational as it told the story of Jesus’ birth. They read many parts,during this they also sang many songs. One song they sang was, We Three Kings (this was only for the choir)three girls played a role in the song by singing solo’s. The brave girls sang amazing; Macey sang Myrrh, Emily -Mae sang Frankincense and Brooke sang Gold They sounded like angels. Everyone did very well and should be extremely proud of themselves.

Year 3 and 4 also went but on Thursday 15th. They were also accompanied by the beautiful choir. Their Christingle  Service was different from Year 5 and 6  as children from Year 3 played the parts of the people and animals that were involved in the story of Jesus’ birth. Year 4 read out the story while some young children carried the Christingle. Holly (in year 3) played Mary and was followed by Lucas who played Joseph. They all did a wonderful job of being the story to life through songs, poems, readings and acting. there were lots of  happy parents who had big smile on their faces.

Thank you to Mrs Marsden and Mrs Bedell for their hard work putting the Christingle Service together and all the other staff that helped out on both days.

We hope this footage puts a smile on your face. Merry Christmas everyone : ) .

By Emily- Mae and Brooke

Lights Camel Action by KS1

This week KS1 had their amazing nativity called Lights Camel Action! It was based on a popular show called Strictly Come Dancing mixed with the Christmas Story. They had three judges: Donkey (Lucas), The Innkeepers wife ( Flo) and Caesar Augustus (Alex). There was also 3 narrators and host, who did an amazing job. It also included a lot of the  characters from the Christmas story such as:  the Three Wise Men and the Three Camels , the Angels, Mary and Joseph, the Innkeepers and finally the Shepherds and the sheep. They all had different styles of dancing and they were given a score by the fantastic judges after they completed their dance. They sang lots of songs and learnt lots of amazing dance moves  taught to them by the teachers .

We are happy to hear some fantastic comments about the show from their parents. There were lots of happy faces in the audience. They all did an amazing job and they worked very hard. Well done KS1!

By Emily and Brooke


Year 6 Visit St Cuthberts Church

On Thursday, Year 6 went to St Cuthberts Church to learn why we celebrate Christmas. The service was called Rewind to Christmas. When we arrived at the church, we got sorted into groups. We did activities like filling up a booklet with games and a little bit of writing.  We also watched a series of clips that included Wallace and Gromit and some sprouts singing a song. We were there with another school. We made a candle holder from a glass and stuck tissue paper on there with glue to keep it on and they looked very good and they will be receiving them soon. Year 6 really enjoyed it and they will be receiving them soon. We really enjoyed it and will look forward and going back next week for their Christingle Service.


By Adam and Emily

Children In Need

Today we have had a spectacular day supporting Children In Need. We all dressed in spots and looked spotacular! We have raised £650.49!  What an amazing amount to this wonderful cause – THANK YOU!  We couldn’t have done it without you and your generous  donations of £1 for non uniform, 50p for the competition of the backpack (it was so cute!) and 30p for buns. The cause is to help children who aren’t as lucky as we are. It was worth the money and thank you to everyone who made and brought some donations in to sell. We hope you all enjoyed them Blakehill!

On the morning of this eventful day we had an assembly run by Mrs Russell, Billy from 6R and Dhruv from 6S. They were all dressed in their pudsey bear attire and explained to us all about the cause and showed us a few video clips of people who the money will go to. Did you know Billy and Dhruv were like busy bees all day, going round school, organising the activities? One of the activities we did was a competition, 50p to enter,  in which you had to guess the spot number on pudsey. The prize is a really cute pudsey bear backpack and the winner will be announced on Monday and take him home. We really really really really want him!!!

Blakehill really enjoyed their day, we hope you did too and a bonus, it snowed all day!}

Mckensey and Emily Mae


Year 4 Visit the Mandir

This morning, Year 4 visited our local Mandir as part of their RE learning about Hinduism. They learnt all about who Hindus believe in and what makes each God special. Did you know that each god has its own animal? This is because Hindus believe that animals are specially made by God and that they are important.

They also learnt about how Hindus pray when they go to the Mandir learning new words such as aum, puja and prashad! We were very impressed by the questions that they asked about this religion and are looking forward to building upon this new learning more in the classroom.

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Macmillan Coffee Morning

This morning, we participated in The Macmillan Coffee Morning to help fund the support that they give to the community. We would like to thank everyone who came – we hope you enjoyed it – we did! We had a fantastic turnout and people gave generously which has allowed us to beat our total from last year by raising £740! THANK YOU to everyone who gave up their time to come and help and who donated cakes.

Year 6 production of Oliver

Last night Year 6 put on a fantastic production of Oliver as their end of year production. It was a massive success and they should all be very proud of themselves for their fantastic acting and singing. The hall was filled with family members from front to back and they all had a great time watching the show. Here are some of the pictures from the evening. Well done to all the children it was a brilliant last performance!

Alice in Wonderland 1P

On Friday 8th June, 1P recreated the story of Alice in Wonderland for their class assembly. First of all, Alice (Flo) went through a talking door into a place called Wonderland. After, she met all the characters in the crazy world, the first character was The Rabbit that was always late going to places. Alice wondered what a rabbit could possibly be late for and while she was meeting the other  characters she asked where he had gone. In the end, she found out The Rabbit was going to her majesty, The Queen of Hearts. In the story In the story , as Alice journeyed through Wonderland, she came across a number of characters such as:The Mad Hatter,The Queens Guards,Cheshire Cat,Tweedledee and Tweedledum and The Flower Girls. At the end of the play, they put on a video with lots of pictures of the school year on.
Have a look at the assembly below and please leave some comments about what you think.

By Tom

Sports day year 3 year 4

On Thursday afternoon Year 3 and 4 finally had their chance to shine at their Sports Days! It was the third time lucky and we finally got good weather! There were four events for everyone to take part in. They were ; the obstacle course, the egg and spoon race, the skipping race and the welly race! Everyone had a great time! Children from each class even had the chance to take part in a relay race. They did a fantastic job and everyone really enjoyed themselves!

By Emily Mae














Reception visit Thornton Farm

Last week, Reception visited Thornton Farm as part of their topic exploring all about Farm Life and they had a brilliant time! They were able to feed little lambs and calves and collect eggs from the chicken coop all before cuddling rabbits, guinea pigs, and little chicks! What busy little farmers they were! After all that hard work, they then had an explore of the play barn and a good play!

Have a look at what a good time they had!

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