Year 1 visit the Gurdwara

On Wednesday Year 1 went to visit the Gurdwara, a Sikh  place of worship. Before they could enter the temple they had to cover their heads with a scarf to show respect. Then they had to remove their shoes and they went to a girls cloakroom and a boys cloakroom. After that Mr Singh showed the children around, they went upstairs where they were introduced to the Guru Granth Sahib.The Guru Granth Sahib is the Sikh holy book. The book even has its own bedroom which it placed in everyday around 8:30 at night! Everyday the book is taken out of its resting place and Sikhs come to worship from it. whilst Year 1 were upstairs they were not allowed to talk because their was other people their worshipping. Next they went to have a go and look at some instruments played in the Gurdwara. They also had the chance to study some artefacts from the temple and talked about them.  They really enjoyed the trip and can’t wait to write about it!


By Emily and Alex

Holy Trinity Church Stained Glass Window Competition

Today, we got a letter about helping to repair the stained glass window at the Holy Trinity Church, in Idle. All local businesses, schools and the community have been asked to help raise money towards a new stained glass window. Part of the glass is falling and they need YOUR help! It will cost £35,000! As a way of raising some of the money they are holding a competition to see who can colour it in the window the best. It costs £1 to enter and a picture of the design for the glass window is given. They are asking us to colour it in. Runners up will receive a certificate and also the winner will get a special prize which no-one knows what it is! They won’t be able to do this without YOUR help! Please return your competition entries to school by 3rd February. Good luck!


By Adam

KS2 Christingle services at St Cuthbert Church

This week, Key Stage 2 went to St Cubthert Church and to host a Christingle Service for family and friends. On Wednesday 14th, year 5 and 6 went to the Christingle Service accompanied by the Blakehill choir. This was very educational as it told the story of Jesus’ birth. They read many parts,during this they also sang many songs. One song they sang was, We Three Kings (this was only for the choir)three girls played a role in the song by singing solo’s. The brave girls sang amazing; Macey sang Myrrh, Emily -Mae sang Frankincense and Brooke sang Gold They sounded like angels. Everyone did very well and should be extremely proud of themselves.

Year 3 and 4 also went but on Thursday 15th. They were also accompanied by the beautiful choir. Their Christingle  Service was different from Year 5 and 6  as children from Year 3 played the parts of the people and animals that were involved in the story of Jesus’ birth. Year 4 read out the story while some young children carried the Christingle. Holly (in year 3) played Mary and was followed by Lucas who played Joseph. They all did a wonderful job of being the story to life through songs, poems, readings and acting. there were lots of  happy parents who had big smile on their faces.

Thank you to Mrs Marsden and Mrs Bedell for their hard work putting the Christingle Service together and all the other staff that helped out on both days.

We hope this footage puts a smile on your face. Merry Christmas everyone : ) .

By Emily- Mae and Brooke

PTFA Christmas Parent Shop

On Tuesday and Thursday, all of the children at Blakehill had the chance to visit the PTFA Christmas shop! This is where you can buy gifts for your family! There were mugs(with small toys in), notebooks all in different colours, some pairs of socks and even some  gifts of hand cream! They were £2 each and they all looked amazing in their wrapping paper! They were all bought, wrapped and sold by the PTFA. Thank you to Mrs Williams who gave up a lot of her own time to come in and make the Christmas shop such as success! By the end of the 2 days they had sold out of a number of the items and they made a lot of money for our school! All of the money that is made helps fund all of the trips like Robinwood and Ingleborough, the children wouldn’t be able to go on them without the PTFAs help! Thank you very much to everyone for their help.

By Adam

Secret Santa Appeal

The Secret Santa Appeal is for children who may not be as fotunate as we are. We ask that you speak to the people who are buying you presents this year and ask them to save a few pounds to buy a gift for a child who may not receive much at Christmas time and make thier Festive time even happier.
If you would like to take arat in this years Secret Santa Appeal heres what to do:
-Call into the school office and pick up a tag for a child with their name and age (blue for boys and pink for girls)
-Go out and buy a gift for the child but please make sure it is acceptable for thier age.
-Bring the gift and the tag back to the office before we break up for the holidays.
-Feel good about giving at Christmas time.

You don’t even need to wrap your present! Just bring it to the office with a tag.

Please open your hearts to make a child happy at christmas with thier own specail gift.

By Alex and Patrick

Macmillan Coffee Morning

This morning, we participated in The Macmillan Coffee Morning to help fund the support that they give to the community. We would like to thank everyone who came – we hope you enjoyed it – we did! We had a fantastic turnout and people gave generously which has allowed us to beat our total from last year by raising £740! THANK YOU to everyone who gave up their time to come and help and who donated cakes.

Blakehill Summer Fair

The Blakehill summer fair is a week on Saturday (Saturday 25th) and this year the theme is CIRCUS. Our school field will hopefully be covered with fun activities to do and take part in. These activities include; a bouncy castle, jar tombola, penalty shoot out, inflatable slide, a raffle draw, ice cream van, bottle tombola and much more.! So come along and have some fun. Make sure your tickets in there 20p or £1 for the entire book.There are some great prizes up for grabs including a Blackpool big ticket (which is entry into Blackpool’s seven main attractions!)

In order to make our Summer Fair an even bigger success the school PTFA would like you help. They would like different Year groups to bring in some donations for the day.

cakes, buns and biscuits for the cafe.

YEAR 2 and 3
Bottles for a bottle tombola stall. Any shape of size as long as it is a bottle of something.

Clean jars filled with pre-wrapped sweets/chocolate or toys/ small gifts for the jar tombola stall.

All those old children’s books that you don’t need anymore for our book stall!

If you would like to help out on the day, even for just a couple of hours, please go to the school office and fill out one of the summer fair Volunteer Slips!

Can’t wait to see everyone there!


ELKLAN Workshop

For the last seven weeks, we have been holding an ELKLAN workshop after school on a Thursday. Run by Mrs Pinder, parents come into school and are taught how to teach their child language and communication skills to help them with their learning. This workshop showed parents the work done by staff in school so that they can carry it on at home. Mrs Pinder, really enjoyed running the workshop and would like to thank all of the grown ups who attended. IMG_5060 IMG_5062 IMG_5068 IMG_5073

Marie Curie Fundraising

Remember when we had Yellow Day to raise money for Marie Curie? Recently we have heard back from them about what the money we raised was spent on – it funded a trek to Sri Lanka for terminally ill women and we are very proud of this fact. Well done and thank you to everyone who donated!

Marie Curie Fundraising update on PhotoPeach