Star Writer Awards

This week we had a Star Writer Assembly. The Star Writer is an award given to children from theier brilliant writing at Blakehill. We have KS1 on a Thursday and a KS2 on a Wednesday. .

This half terms the Star Writers in KS1 were:

  • 1W Ava.J
  • 1P Layla.W, Sachleen.K
  • 2P Leah.S, Jayden.H
  • 2S Holly.R, Charlie.W

In KS2 the Star Writers were:

  • 3R Ella.M
  • 3P Oliver.B
  • 4LO Lily.A
  • 6R Brooke.P, Ellie.W, Isabella.R, Ruby.C
  • 6S Lily Fenton Brown

Congratulations to all the children from KS1 and KS2 who received the award! If you would like to receive a Star Writer award keeping trying your best at school!


4L Class assembly

On Friday, 4L had their class assembly. It was all about Britain in World War 2. In class they read a story called Friend or Foe all about 2 evacuee boys who find two German bomber pilots. They also read out some of their written work that they had done which included: Diary entries, setting descriptions and stories. In topic, they listened to Neville Chamberlain’s speech and imagined what it would have been like to have heard it first hand. He said that Germany had invaded Poland so they needed to be ready for the war.  They did a very good job and their parents were very proud of them. They spoke very clearly.Everyone could hear them all over the hall! It was a very good assembly and we hope to see another one just as good!

By Adam and Emily

Alice in wonderland !

The PTFA organised for an amazing theatre group to come to Blakehill this weekend to perform a wonderful show for us! There was laughter, joy and a Pasha, a little girl in year two found the key -that must have been great! There were lots of songs in it where we had to clap as Alice sang. She even performed a great a solo. I personally thought the dances were the most up beat bit of it and exciting part of it. It was an amazing experience and I hope a lot of people have made memories and will never forget. I think if you do though they will be back soon!

At the start of the show Alice was playing hide and seek then his sister said “do you want to read?” she said ”no I don’t like books with no picture I think they’re boring.” She was very wrong as all of a sudden she saw the most peculiar thing – a white rabbit with a watch! It disappeared in a flash so she went to the tree and saw a hole in the bottom of it very curiously went down the hole and lots of crazy thing happened…

It was a brilliant treat to begin the start of the year. Thank you PTFA!

Alice In Wonderland on PhotoPeach


Alice in Wonderland 1P

On Friday 8th June, 1P recreated the story of Alice in Wonderland for their class assembly. First of all, Alice (Flo) went through a talking door into a place called Wonderland. After, she met all the characters in the crazy world, the first character was The Rabbit that was always late going to places. Alice wondered what a rabbit could possibly be late for and while she was meeting the other  characters she asked where he had gone. In the end, she found out The Rabbit was going to her majesty, The Queen of Hearts. In the story In the story , as Alice journeyed through Wonderland, she came across a number of characters such as:The Mad Hatter,The Queens Guards,Cheshire Cat,Tweedledee and Tweedledum and The Flower Girls. At the end of the play, they put on a video with lots of pictures of the school year on.
Have a look at the assembly below and please leave some comments about what you think.

By Tom

1R Class Assembly

Today 1R did a wonderful assembly all about what they have been learning in class. They told us all about the story of Alice in Wonderland and the role that they acted out as part of their class project. We were then lucky enough to watch the movie that they created using the iPads. We were very impressed with their acting a computer editing skills.
Well done 1R! We will come to see you for tips for our movies!

3L class assembly

Today, 3L had their class assembly all about Romeo and Juliet. They had great voices and spoke so clearly when they were acting! They told us that Romeo and Juliet is about two young adults who love each other. However their families, The Capulets and The Montagues, did not like each other so this separated the two lovers. Then one day Juliet was having an engagement party and guess who showed up … Romeo! They both stared into each others eyes but Juliet’s cousin Tybalt stepped in the way. Later on Juliet was stood on her balcony and Romeo was hiding in the bushes and he popped out and Juliet said “Romeo,Romeo where thou art thou Romeo?” The next day they were getting married but they had to separate to return to their families. They hated being apart so Juliet went to go see a wise man to make her a potion that made her look like she was dead. He then wrote a letter to Romeo explaining where to go but not telling him about Juliet. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the letter but somehow he found the tomb anyway. He thought that Juliet was dead and so he saw the potion in Juliet’s hand and he drank it. Later on Juliet woke up and found Romeo beside her and she thought there was no point living this life without him so she killed herself. What a sad story!

The assembly was great with some brilliant acting and some good diaries which the children had written. Everyone loved it.

Well done 3L!

By Emily

4L Whale Assembly

Today 4L did a great class assembly about orca whales in captivity. First they showed us a video of whales in captivity doing tricks and explained what it made them feel like – it looked really cool. Then they found out how bad this was for the whales and wanted to prevent this from happening so they got help by writing letters to people at home and around school. They also wrote some acrostic poems and diary entries about whales to explore what they thought about whales being taken from the wild. They said that, in captivity the whales only live up to twenty years but in the wild they live up to eighty years old. We think this is shocking! Please help us save orcas because they are been caught and killed and we think it should stop! Here is an example of an acrostic poem:

Help baby orcas in captivity

Energetic orcas need space to roam

Lots of orcas are been killed in captivity

Peace is what the orcas need

It was a great assembly by 4L well done!

by Tom and Emily Mae

2S A Midsummer Night’s Dream

As 2S prepared for a great assembly, the hall was in darkness with just twinkling fairylights to see by! The school waited patiently to see the best actors in town. For the last few weeks, Year 2 have been learning about Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Well people danced, fairies sang and the queen slept! The story all started with two people having a fight over a boy then they go to a fairy nest were queen is sang to sleep. If you want to find out more read the book! Their assembly Was magical and great to watch. Well done!                                
                                                                    by Emily Mae

A Good Example of Persuasive Letter Writing

In Year 4 they have been writing letters about persuading teachers on helping them on saving baby Orca whales. This is an example of one of the year 4’s letter.

Dear Teachers,

I am writing to you because we need help saving baby Orca whales. The more money we can raise the more whales we can help and save. It is disgraceful that whales are held in captivity so we would like you to bring buns in to help save more baby Orca whales.

Imagine if you were torn away from your precious family and you could never see them again. Is it fair that Orca’s have to stay in captivity all their life? When whales are in captivity their fins flap, this is called dorsal fin condition. Also when whales are in captivity, they get aggressive and in the wild they have never hurt a human. An intelligent person like yourself will understand that it is cruel to keep a whale in captivity. Please bring buns and  support so we can raise more money to help Orca whales. Our bun sale will be held on Friday 27th May.

This piece of wonderful writing is by Eva in 4G.

By Elyse

Star Writer Assembly

On Wednesday 27th April 2016, the star writers assembly was held in the main hall at Blakehill. To achieve such a prestigious award you have to write a high level piece of work, use most of your success criteria and also achieve your learning objective. For those of you who don’t know what a learning objective or a success criteria are then please let us explain. A success criteria is a short list of tasks to complete or a list of things that you should be using in your writing in order to achieve your learning objective, this could be something such as descriptive language or using the correct punctuation.  A learning objective is a task set by your teacher that must be completed by the end of the lesson. The star writer awards go to Kian, Libby, Daniel, Alex, Holly, Taylor, Macey, Joseph, Emily, Logan, Ethan, Jack, Keo and Elyse. The children  achieved the award through their hard work in writing and checking over  it  ensure it met the success criteria and learning objective.

If you would like a Star Writer award make sure you keep trying your hardest in lessons and take every opportunity to show off how well you can write.


By Max and Tom