The Queens Birthday

Tomorrow it is an important celebration because it’s the Queens birthday! Yes I know what your thinking, “The Queen had her birthday on the 21st April.” This is true, her birthday is on that date, but lucky for the Queen she has two birthdays! Her birthday is tomorrow on Saturday, it is a very special celebration. It is called Trooping the Colour, this is where she makes sure that all of the soldiers or guards are presentable and ready to protect the country. As you know the Queen is a very important person so it is going to be on your (everyone’s) television, so if you like you can go ahead and watch her birthday parade, well not her actual birthday or then we would be invading her privacy. If you didn’t know the Queen is now ninety! And she is the longest serving monarch. WOW! Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth! We all can’t wait to celebrate her birthday tomorrow!

By Elyse