5H’s Assembly

This week Year 5H had a class assembly all about their residential trip to Ingleborough Hall. It was a residential trip which lasted five days. They had lots of activities including:tree climbing,gorge scrambling,caving,village study and the nine mile walk! They also did some night activities such as: bat hunting, night line, a campfire with Dominic (who told stories and riddles),country dancing and a movie night where they also had tuck shop! They told us lots of information about Clapham and what they did. They spoke nicely and projected their voices. They all had a great time and wished they could go again. I’m sure their parents were proud of them all for challenging themselves and trying their best at all the challenges they faced.

By Emily

Ingleborough Hall Thursday

Here are some of the pictures from today’s jam packed activities.

Ingleborough Hall Wednesday

Here are a few snaps from today’s activities. The children are having a great time!

Ingleborough Day 2

Lots of fun filled activities today for all the children. Have a look at the slider below to see some of the pictures of the children from today.

Ingleborough Show Cave

After a quick journey we arrived at Ingleborough safe and sound. The children have been sorted into their groups and have had a lovely trip up to Ingleborough Show Cave this afternoon.

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Wednesday at Ingleborough

Everyone has had another great nights sleep and is looking forward to another sunny day full of activities.

Today sees the children out and about taking part in other activities they haven’t yet faced.
Group 1 – Tree climbing and gorge scrambling
Group 2 – Gorge scrambling and then tree climbing
Group 3 – The long Walk (clockwise)
Group 4 – The long walk (anti-clockwise)
Group 5 – Caving and the village study