Robin Wood… Next Week!!!

Next week, Year 6 students (well… most of them) and they will be doing quite a lot of activities:

Crate Challenge
Dungeon Of Doom
Giant Swing
Obstacle Course
Piranha Pool
Team Challenge
Zip Wire
Raft Building
Stream Walk

I’m going to give no spoilers. If you want to know more, Click here or wait until Wednesday to find out more. We will be blogging after the trip so you can look forward to that. I can’t wait!!!

By Jake

Alice In Wonderland!

On Tuesday the Mad Hatter came to visit Early Years and Key Stage 1. He was in the hall telling poems- from the story of Alice In Wonderland-as well as behaving silly. If he didn’t like what they said- or just felt like it, he squirted them with water. Some of them got very wet.

Everyone in reception, Year 1 and Year 2 decorated a mug. They tried hard to create images from the story of Alice In Wonderland on to their mugs. The result was amazing. They used their mugs to have a drink at their very own tea party on the school field!

On Friday afternoon, Reception and Year 1 went on to the field for their very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. It was a lovely end to the week!

Alice In Wonderland on PhotoPeach

Blakehill’s Got Talent Final 2015

Today, at 9:30AM, the event that everyone had been waiting for happened – the Blakehill’s Got Talent Final 2015!!! Everyone in the auditions did really well but only some got through. The finalists were:

Kizzi (Reception): Dancing
Lucas and Caden (Reception): Hula Hooping
Flo (Reception): Magic
Lewis (Reception): Break Dancing
Deacon (1R): Telling Jokes
Lucy, Jessica, Leah and Isabel (1R) Singing to Let It Go
Pasha and Chloe (1P): Singing to Let It Go
Ellie (1P): Singing to Spoonful of Sugar
Aminah (2S): Singing Hopeless
Alex (2S): Voice Acrobatics
Harley (2G): Singing To See You Again
Caelan and Abdullah (2G): Singing to Uptown Funk
Emily (3L): Singing to Jar of Hearts
Millie (3L): Singing to Shake It Off
Mckensey and Phoebe (3P) Singing Never getting back together
Jake (3P): Dancing to Gangnam Style
Kennedy and Isabelle (4S): Hula hooping
Emily (4L) Singing Les Mis
Lewis, Oliver and Max (4L) Uptown Funk
Lily (5H) Singing Let It Go
Michael (5H) Street dancing
Ben, Ashton, Luca, Jake, Peter (6R) Song and dance
Cara (6R) Singing Skyscraper
Bethany & Mrs Pedley (6KW) doing the Cup song
Abigail (6KW) Drumming
Josh (6KW) singing Sugar

The winners will be announced during Assembly on the first Monday back! Who would you vote for????


Hooray!!! SATs Are Over!!!

Today, after a very (very) long week, the SATs came to a end. We can now have a well-earned rest after all the hard work we have put in. We celebrated by cheering and charging out of the hall onto the top playground! Hopefully, we will all get the levels we are wanting – we’d be very happy if we did! Now we can sit back and relax over the weekend. We asked fellow blogger Rebecca what her favourite and least favourite SATs where, she said: “My favourite SAT was GPS in general and my least favourite subject was the level six reading.”

Well done Year 6

By Jake and Libby

Great writing in 3P by Maryam!

In Year 3, the children are reading the Famous Five book – Five on Treasure Island by Enid Blyton. This week they have been working on how to write an effective setting description. Maryam produced a really great piece of work, describing the storm on Kirrin Island.

Julian went out of the little, stone room into the pelting, horrible, growling rain to get some fire wood from the nest that the noisy jackdaws had made. As he was about to get the dry, clean wood, a spray of the sea splashed his cold, wet hair that stuck onto his frozen forehead. He thought that the waves must be gigantic so he climbed over a wall to look at the waves that he had pictured in his head. They were absolutely enormous! His hands were freezing cold. Then Julian saw a ship coming out of the water. He stared at it in amazement. He watched the big waves swirling up and down. Julian went inside and called the others. George quickly put a few sticks on the fire and then went outside. They all climbed the wall that Julian told them to climb. They all saw the wrecked ship.

Well done Maryam!

Alice In Wonderland By Immanuel

*BEWARE* May contain spoilers if you haven’t seen Alice In Wonderland before!!!

On Wednesday 18th March and Thursday 19th March, Year 6 and Year 5 went to Immanuel College to see their new show, Alice In Wonderland – their own interpretation. It was one of the most amazing shows that I’ve seen!!! There were the same characters like the Queen Of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Chesire Cat and White Rabbit, however, there was a total new storyline like the fight between Alice and the Jabbawoki (SPOILER ALERT!!!) was not in and there was a court case in the Queen Of Hearts’ 1st Court about who stole her tarts. Also, the Mad Hatter and his friends were stuck in time to when he could only keep on having a tea party over and over again.
We had a really fantastic time. Thank you for inviting us Immanuel!

By Jake & Jessica


Comic Relief 2015 – My Sponsored Silence

Earlier in the week, I did a sponsored silence. It ran from Wednesday 8AM until Thursday 8AM. I don’t know how, but I did 24 HOURS!!! I raised just short of £90 so I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored me. Here’s how the money will help;

£10 could buy a school uniform for a child living on the streets of Ghana, which they need to go to school so they can get vital skills and work towards a brighter future. £15 could pay for six people in the UK with dementia to take part in a therapeutic workshop, to enhance their self-confidence and communication skills. £20 could fully vaccinate five children in Malawi against a deadly virus that causes diarrhoea and kills more than 600 African children every day.

By Jake

Rec & KS1 Bedtime Story

On Wednesday, Key Stage 1 had a bedtime story evening. They came in their PJ’s and went to their classes. Then they had a story from their teacher. After that, they read stories with their parents in the classroom and then go down to watch one final story in the hall while drinking hot chocolate. What a good life!!!

KS1 Story Evening on PhotoPeach