Welcome back all pupils of Blakehill Primary School. We have lots of fun activities happening in the next 29 days. Exciting people will becoming in,the summer fair, class assemblies and songs sang by you in our music assemblies. It’s going to be a lot fun! We have already had lots of people coming in. Key Stage 2 have had Comic Kev come in,from the BEANO, he was so funny! Reception and Key Stage 1 have taken part in a Mad Hatters Tea Party!

There are only 29 days left of school until the Summer Holidays, we hope you enjoy all the fun things we have planned for you!

Year 3 have a go at persuasive letters

Over the the last few weeks Year 3 have been producing work based around the book The Famous Five – Five on Treasure Island by Enid Blyton. This week they had a go at writing persuasive letter. They had to imagine they were the character George from the book and they had to write a letter to her Father to convince him not to sell Kirrin Island. Below is Jayven’s first attempt, he did very well indeed.


Dear Father,

I am writing this letter to persuade you not to sell Kirrin island to the antique dealer and, I hope you will take the time to consider the points made.

Firstly, I will have nowhere to play if you sell. If you sell the island, we wont have any more things from the family history.You said you need the money however, Instead of selling the island me and mother will get jobs. I don`t want anything else you said you’d buy me I just want my island. Also, if you sell the island, I will not touch a penny of the money you get!!!

You said the man wants to build a hotel on it however, you could build a hotel and get lots of money because lots of people love staying in a nice, cosy, warm hotel. Father,  you do not know what it is like to be on the island because you have never been there to see the castle or to see the ship wreck , so how would you know if it is great or not. Why don`t you go and see it?

Mother even promised that I could have the island and you should never break a promise and I am really hurt that you gave me the ship wreck and the island just when it wasn`t worth anything.

Yours Faithfully,


Claret & Amber Day – Thanks for the support!

Today was Claret & Amber day at Blakehill to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Bradford City Fire. Over the next few weeks, around 40 schools in Bradford are having a claret and amber day and going school in non uniform.
We asked pupils and staff to wear Bradford City colours and donate a minimum of £1.
At the end of the school day, the Blakehill Bloggers also went out into the playground with buckets to see if any parents wanted to contribute any more money.

Altogether we have raised a grand total of £506.49 pounds!

This will all go to the Bradford City Burns Unit, so parents thank you for all of your support!
Claret & Amber Day 2015 on PhotoPeach

A Bun Sale to Save a Whale!

Year 4 have been working on Persuasive writing using the theme of ‘animals in captivity’ to inspire their writing. As a result of this, they have decided they would like to adopt a whale! Therefore, on the last day of term, year 4 will be holding a bun sale to raise money for this very worthy cause.

The bun sale will be for the whole school so bring some money and then year 4 will adopt their very own whale!
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B’Oscars 2015

Academy_Award_trophyOn Wednesday 26th March, Year Three hosted an evening celebration called the B’Oscars. It was a huge show with over 200 parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and friends attending! The purpose of the evening was to showcase the two films that the two classes had made.
The children have been working on the films for about 10 weeks. They have written all of the scenes themselves and then filmed each one. The children have worked exceptionally hard on improving their writing and have been extremely engaged and motivated to produce their best writing ever across many different genres.
As part of the project they have also learnt a lot about acting and film production techniques such as using different camera angles, and even green screen special effects.
The movies were both called Cindy, Ann and Bones and the Temple of Boom! One was by 3L and the other was by 3P and had some things in common but had ended up with two very different films.logo-a-tale-unfolds-300x106
On the night of the B’Oscars, the hall was transformed into a beautiful venue with balloons, glitter and a red carpet. The children dressed up too and looked absolutely amazing in their glamorous outfits! All of them received a B’Oscars certificate in recognition of the hard work they have put in to making the films. We then watched a special presentation video which announced 12 children who had been chosen to receive a golden B’Oscar trophy!
It really was a fabulous night. Everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you to all of the parents and carers for their support.

Bradford City Penalty Shoot Out

On the 12th of March, Billy Bantam and his friends from Bradford City Football Club came to Blakehill and had a Penalty shoot out with all of the children.
We all had to take 4 penalties against the Bradford City mascot, Billy Bantam who was rubbish at goal keeping.
We all had lots of fun and we have hopefully raised a lot of money!
Everyone now needs to collect the money from those who sponsored them, and bring it into school. The money we raise gets split – half goes to BCFC Community work and half goes to our school to spend on exciting things for us.
Once we have all of the sponsor money handed in, BCFC will come back to Blakehill and bring us our medals and footballs etc and we will find out who wins the signed football for bringing the most money in!