Y6 Leavers

Today is the last day for the Y6 Bloggers so they are having a party to celebrate their time at bloggers. Also, it is a very emotional time as all the year 6’s are leaving for high school. Even though its scary, its exciting at the same time. They are currently practising very hard for their Leavers Production 2015 about The Jungle Book! For the next couple of weeks year 6 should sit back and relax. Do you agree?                                                                       sad
  Good luck year 6!

By Rebecca and Libby



K’nex Big Thing!

Today, 6KW worked with K’nex to make their very own Rollercoasters! They had to be very creative and willing as this activity was HARD! Altogether it took 2 whole hours to make a finished roller coaster that was presentable. It took a lot of teamwork too. Also for the past few weeks we have been designing our own theme parks with £500,000 to spend. We had a list full of things to include like

Major roller coaster 10 (squares) £50,000

and so on. Then we did maths work on it such as how much money we would earn from people coming in and what people bought from food stalls/gift shops.
We have loved this project!

By Rebecca and Libby.

Comic Artist-Kev F

Throughout the week, an amazing comic artist came in and taught us how to draw and inspired us too! Kev has drawn pictures for Beano before and he is very talented at drawing! We all made our own characters (or used ones from cartoons) and made our own comics. Then, he drew the front cover of our big comic where all of our characters and comics went in. After that, we all drew little symbols on the cover whilst he drew a portrait of each of us! Everyone in the school loved Kev and wish he could come to our school again!

comic artist

Sports Day!

Sports Day is just around the corner! Just like  last year and every year before you wear the colour of your house team. Please could your child bring a sun hat and a water bottle. If you are coming to watch your child/children the gate to the school field will be open from 1:30pm. They will need to be collected from the usual  year group door, however siblings cannot be collected until the end of the school day.





Year 1 and 2  Sports Day is on Tuesday the 19th of May.

Year 3 and 4 Sport Day is on Wednesday 20th of May.

Year 5 and 6 Sports Day is on Thursday the 21st of May.





Claret and Amber Day

On the 11th of May 1985, a terrible thing occurred – the Co-operative stand in the Coral Windows stadium set on fire. 56 eager football fans (54 Bradford supporters and 2 Lincoln supporters) were killed.

To remember this tragic event we are having a Claret & Amber Day where we are asking pupils to wear claret and amber coloured clothing (obviously Bradford tops if possible) on the 8th of May. Children can wear football kits (preferably Bradford) or a PE Kit. Children are asked to bring in a minimum donation of £1.

All profits made will go to the Bradford Burns Unit.

Please help us to commemorate this tragic event and raise money for this amazing cause.
Lots of other schools in the area are also supporting this event. Click here to read about it in the T&A

The Sats are nearly here – get ready Yr6!

Soon yr6 will be put through SATS! Its getting very close, that means that yr6 have to work the hardest they ever have (that’s a lot). Its 24 days including weekends and 15 days not including weekends. The levels they get will pass through into highschool where they will take another test. Good luck year 6! Which test are you most excited about?

By Rebecca and Libby

Science Week in Yr6

This week year 6 had a Science Week. We have done various activities such as; making healthy and junk posters, tasting herbs, map work and guessing, writing a debate about healthy and unhealthy foods and finding out what the calories where in different foods.
We found out there are many different herbs that get put inside foods that we eat every day including: Dill, Coriander, Sage, Chives, Cumin and Thyme. We had a tasting session to sample them all. These were mostly strong tasting and didn’t taste very nice.

We learnt a lot about healthy and junk foods from writing a debate and making a poster about them (we are experts now!). IMG_0111

Did you learn anything about science this week? If you did, then what about?

Parents Evening 2015

On Tuesday and Thursday, it was Parents Evening! Parents Evening is where children’s parents come in and find out how well they’ve been doing in school so far, finding out what their children’s behaviour is like, what their levels are in all core subjects and get a chance to look at their children’s books. Hope you had a good parents evening! Did yours go well?

By Rebecca

Red Nose Day 2015

On the 13th March 2015 it will be Red Nose Day!It will be a lovely memorable day for everyone.                                                           The office has been selling Red Noses for £1 to raise money for charity! They are selling out fast so if you want one of your own get there quick!

There are a number of different noses this time including Nosebot, Snout Dracula, Karate Konk, Snotty Professor, Supernose, Astrosnort, Snortbit and Snortel.

What one do you want? And which ones do you already have?