1R Assembly






IMG_2345On Friday 1R had their class assembly. It was all about Kenya and Handa’s Surprise. Handa’s Surprise is a book they have been learning about in Year 1. They all delivered their lines clearly and there were lots of happy mums and dads. We all learnt lots of amazing facts from the children. Finally, they sang a song and even got the audience to join in! Well done 1R.

By Emily and Ruby

Miss Lea’s Times Table Champions

For this week Miss Lea has 5 time table champions. These amazing times table champions are: Liam, Lucy, Jake, Maryam and Joshua. Well done to you guys and everyone hopes that you will again become a TIMES TABLE CHAMPION! We all hope that Miss Lea will have some more times table champions for next week. Keep practising and good luck to Year 4!

By Ruby

Mr Froud

On Tuesday afternoon the whole school had a nice surprise – Mr Froud came and sang some songs. The whole school loved him and clapped along at some of the songs and even joined in at the actions. All of the reception children loved him because they laughed along with everyone and to be honest they all laughed the most! Every teacher who was there clapped along and had good fun too. Also the teachers adored the younger ones laughing.Thank you Mr Froud we look forward to seeing Mr Froud again.


By Ruby and Emily



3L visit to Bradford Cathedral

This Friday 3L went to Bradford Cathedral, as part of their RE curriculum, to learn about signs and symbols within the Christian religion. They were told about the Christmas the story as well as having the chance to make their very own stained glass windows.They were shown around the cathedral by a lovely man called Ken. Here are some pictures that were taken while they were there.

By Emily and Ruby

Comic Kev Calendar

Last year children in Key Stage Two at Blakehill were lucky enough to have Comic Kev come to our school  and give  us a comic masterclass . He has been in touch to let us know that he has published a 2016 calender with some of the comics made by Blakehill included in it. They cost under £10 and if you want to buy it here is the link www.tinyurl.com/comcal16.

By Emily and Ruby


Top safety tips on how to stay safe on bonfire night

Here are some top tips on how to stay safe around Bonfire Night:

~You should always keep all of your pets indoors
~ You should make sure that there is somebody with the pets because they could get scared from hearing the bang from the fireworks
~Don’t go too close to the fireworks and always make sure that there is an adult with you

~To stay extra safe, make sure that your hand is at the end of the wire
~When the sparkler has finished don’t touch the burned end because you could get burned hands that will scar

~Always make sure that an adult is closer to the fire than you are
~If possible ask the organiser to put safety tape around the bonfire
~Don’t go near the fire

5S class Assembly

This Friday afternoon 5S had a class assembly. It was about when year 5 Ingleborough Hall. One of the parts from the assembly was the Blakehill One Show. The people who were in the show were: Emily and Harrison (news presenters) Charlie, Kennedy and Thomas (the cave experts).
As well as having a one show section Year 5 told us all about the different activities they did and some of the interesting things they learnt. It looked and sounded like they had a good time, we know we did!


by Ruby and Emily

Y2 visit St.Cuthberts Church

Today Y2 went on a trip to St.Cuthberts church in Wrose. They had a brilliant time. They had to find different clothes or objects from different bibles. There was a Chinese bible a Jewish bible and an English bible. Also a Jewish Torah which they rolled out . They saw the crown of thorns that Jesus wore on the cross. The people who spoke to the whole class had been to our school before and they were called Mr Froud and Mr Blake.

Year 2 visit St Cuthberts Church in Wrose on PhotoPeach

Why we became Blakehill Bloggers

Since we joined Blakehill we have always wanted to be involved in school life and we found that the blog was the perfect way to be at the heart of what goes on in the school and sharing it for everyone to see. We both love to write and type which are good skills to have when it comes to blogging.

If you are interested in becoming a Blakehill Blogger, speak to Mr Lowe or Miss Lea and tell them why you would make such a good blogger.

Meet your new teacher!

Yesterday all pupils got to find out which teachers they got for their next year and meet their new classes.This is where the classes are going…

1R to 2R Mrs Russell

1P to 2S Miss Scott

2G to 3G Mrs Gardner

2S to 3L Mr Lowe

3P to 4L Miss Lea

3L to 4S Miss Smith Soon to be Mrs Gould)

4L to 5S Mr Sidebottom

4S to 5H Mrs Hall

5S to 6R Mr Rhodes

5H to 6W Miss Wilkinson

Hope you enjoyed your new classes and are looking forward to September!